Forward cPanel Email to Gmail (with Send & Receive)

Having multiple email address is easy, but checking each mailbox is a time-taking and toughest job. If you are scared of missing email, apply this trick today to manage all emails in one place – Gmail.


Here I'm going to tell you a very simplest way which still works for free. Now you can easily get rid of boring inbuilt email clients of cPanel such as – Roundcube, Squirrel Mail, etc. Using this technique, you can send and receive emails from multiple custom email address at one Gmail ID.


  • Access to your existing Email Hosting account
  • A Gmail ID

Let's learn step by step

    1. Login to your Email Hosting cPanel
    2. Go to Email account section
    3. Select your choice email address, from drop-down option
      Click on Access WebMailaccess web mail
    4. Go to Forwarding Options
    5. Click on Add Forwarder button
    6. Enter your email address, on which you want to receive your all emails of your custom domain email. Then, click on Add Forwarder button.
    7. You will see a confirmation message like this.
    8. Now go to Gmail settings
    9. Under Accounts and Import option, Click on Add another Email address
    10. Enter here your custom email address & click on Next Step
    11. Here you have entered your SMTP server name, port, username and password. If you forgot the password, you could change it. Now the main thing is SMTP details which you can grab at 'Configure Email Client' option under email section of your cPanel. (Ref: Step 3). You can also contact from the host for getting SMTP information.configure-email
  1. On the configuration page, you can find your SMTP server name and PORT no.
    smtp email config
  2. Depending upon your hosting environment. Few host allows to access mail over PORT 25(non-secure), and few strictly requires SSL/TLS settings due to security concern. My host requires secure settings. So, my setting will be as followsgmail-smtp-config
  3. Now, It's time to verify the email address to connect successfully. Kindly, Check your custom email inbox, enter the verification code and click confirm.Confirmation Emailverification code
  4. For your convenience, you should choose 'Reply from the same address the message was sent to.'last step
  5. You can test it via composing a new Email. You will see it is working fine and now you can send the email to anyone with your custom email address, without opening boring cPanel web-mail client.compose
  6. Interesting Tips: You can set your custom email in Gmail as your default email for sending all email. This feature you can get at Gmail setting – Account tab.In HTML mode of Gmail, you can't change 'from email' directly from composing mail box, so this technique will improve the experience of using Email even on slow Internet connections.

Bonus Security Tips Kindly don't compromise with Security. I would highly recommend you to keep update your mobile number and make sure you enable 2-Step verification in your Gmail Account Settings. Since you know well that Gmail is not like Yada..Yada fake Facebook account. You might be using Gmail ID to sign in so many other Google services and Third-Party application too. Hence, security of this email is extremely important. You can manage this settings at under sign in option.

Note: Well, this method is limited for sending and receiving email. But, if you want to host email directly on Gmail Server, and apart from email-hosting if you want to enjoy full access to Google service over custom domain email, then you should go with Google Apps for Work. At billing page, You can use this Coupon code for 20% off for the first year of Google Apps.


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9 thoughts on “Forward cPanel Email to Gmail (with Send & Receive)”

  1. Hi, This is awesome post and you are saving our money for buying custom emails. I would really appreciate you ! 🙂

  2. Hi Gulshan,
    Nice post, also i want to know what this actually mean "Note: Well, this method is limited for sending and receiving email" ? I mean after following whole above steps( receiving and sending email), is it working only for 30 days or more ?

    • Hello Satinder, Thanks for kind words.

      The above step which you learned about forwarding, will work for lifetime as long you will have custom domain linked to any Gmail id.
      Please note, the limit comes with self hosted email, I'm not saying about Gmail for this whole steps. Suppose, if you have very busy email so chances are it will use more resources which your hosting can't handle or they may set daily limits over it. So, it is my personal recommendation that for every business email always go with Google Apps for Work. It comes with 30 days free trial. After then, they will charge $5/mo.

      If you have any more question, or need help with anything please let me know.


  3. Hi Gulshan,

    Thanks for this important idea.
    I have implemented this for my blog email ID and I forwarded it to the Gmail personal ID. I found that when we receive the email to blog's email id then it took few more minutes to reach at Gmail inbox.

    If we directly configure the blog's email id to any app, then it will come there real time.



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